innovazione EXCELLENCE
innovazione EXCELLENCE

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AESTHETIC SOUL | nature and design

  • The perfection of line and the tactile excitement of materials in nature
    come into your home, adapting to your tastes and your project needs, perfectly integrated with your choices of furniture.

    SGS Line Design becomes completion element for interior design: for those who do not leave anything to chance and want from their home perfection even in terms of finishes. Imagine the harmony that you can create in an environment being able to use the same finish for windows, doors and furniture.

    SGS Line Design born from nature, but is designed according to the techniques and methods of the furniture, to combine technology and design environment: your environment.

  • We chose the base of pine tree for its outstanding thermal performance: to enhance the aesthetic appearance we veneered with oak veneer, thanks to its clean and elegant design gives the frames the right touch of timeliness and continuity with the finish of the furniture contemporaries.


  • In an environment in which the formal vocabulary is defined by a few elements, perfectly in harmony with each other, SGS Line Design integrates providing materials and lines that are associated with elegance and sobriety furnishings becoming a natural extension to the walls.

    The representations of the environments are often monochromatic, defined by rigorous geometries and minimal, but despite this, they are able to evoke, even in abstract form and content, strong emotions and existential states.

    Natural materials are SGS Line Design in this context find their expression in the logic of seamless integration with all the elements within the environment.
  • The explosion of colors inspired by the simplicity or the Far East are SGS Line Design an ideal flanking.

    Brushed aluminum, polished, wenge, oak, teak, white or strong colors are all elements in which the aesthetic soul of SGS Line Design is expressed in full: It was conceived as logical that the furnishings and finishes closer to traditional windows.

    The attention to detail and, in some finishes, the continuity of the veins become so items of furniture in natural tiling and complete your interior design choices.

    No longer dealing with choose only an accessory but a sensory element that enhances your environment by supplementing the soul.
  • The warmth and elegance of traditional design, set in the classic finishes SGS Line Design the expression of your desire to have an environment tailor-made according to your ideas.

    The gold finish of our angular joint binds perfectly with the style you love.

    The natural elegance of a timeless SGS Line Design is also the highest expression of your design classic: sensory, emotional and warm.

    SGS Line Design can become like a romantic poem of the nineteenth century, as hot as the fire of a fireplace on a cold autumn day, warm as a sweater in raw wool.

    The endless possibilities that it offers are the ideal tool to create an environment increasingly yours.


CORE TECHNOLOGY | for the quality of life

  • tecnologia e perfezione
  • Acoustic isolation

    The careful matching of materials and careful design allow SGS Line Design to achieve high performance in terms of noise insulation.
    Isolamento Acustico


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