innovazione EXCELLENCE
innovazione EXCELLENCE


Doors line: XYLON

Doors line: GEO

Doors with an exclusive character who experience new ways of interpretation for spaces, volumes and classical geometries, to fit in the home both traditionaland contemporary, with personality and communicative force.

The details are the distinctive elements of a story that everyone can define observing any door Xylon.

Each door separates and unites spaces and very different worlds performing a simple movement enriched with technology:

from simple systems of closing, to sliding doors system and sliding plus folding system, from new rototranslating movement to the patented system callde: Space.
Style becomes distinctive through a very diverse range of design solutions that combine various woods with unique workmanship quality and aesthetic result.
Geo is confirmed as a family of products that from tradition knows how to seize the stimuli to continually develop new lines in harmony with the evolution of taste and culture of living.

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