innovazione EXCELLENCE
innovazione EXCELLENCE


S.G.S. A bit of history...

The S.G.S. is an artisan company that was founded by Salvatore Gravinese, that in 1977 decided to to capitalize its experience in the field of manufacturing of wooden doors and windows, mainly for residential property.
In 1982 he built the factory in Cesano Maderno in Via San Carlo and there he moved all the activity. The new spaces allow for expansion of production.
In 1996, proceeds expansion of the range with the production of windows and doors wood / aluminum.
On 18 June 2000 the assets of Salvatore Gravinese is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan with a gold medal in recognition of skills acquired by the company.
On 7 October 2003 was established the S.G.S. s.n.c. of Maurizio Angelo and Massimo Gravinese, with equal participation of the two brothers and in the same is channeled his father's business.

The market…

It should be noted that , despite the sharp decline suffered in recent years in the construction industry , the Company's sales have remained largely unchanged. The frames produced by S.G.S. are eligible for certification in Class A or B of the properties. This is a further confirmation of the goodness of the production of SGS which is preferred to other competitors for the excellent quality / price ratio .
Currently holds a good position in the local market in recent years with deliveries made outside the region in the last period and also addressed to the European market . To better disseminate its production , were made catalogs and participated in numerous exhibitions in the industry.
The market for the supply of raw materials is managed directly by the company. Thanks to a long and lasting relationships with suppliers, it was possible to establish a relationship in time of extreme confidence can guarantee excellent conditions of supply , including delivery time and payment terms.

The organization…

The company is managed directly by two brothers: Maurizio and Massimo.

The current production...

The manufactured products currently feature a hand-crafted, but are the result of a semi-industrial organization. This allows the Company to contain manufacturing costs and achieve a quality production.
The windows of the S.G.S. have been certified by the Institute of CSI in Bollate, with reference to EN 14351-1:2006. The tests carried out on a sample 1340 (W) x 2570 (H), confirming the high build quality of the artifacts as the measures taken to achieve certification appear to be the maximum dimensions required by the European market.
This certification guarantees high product technology and allows the Company to participate in any type of contract.

The new project…

SGS has always distinguished itself from the competition, ahead of the curve and creating avant-garde lines . Its capacity for innovation has now increased to produce UNI_ONE .
Feature of this window is the lack of maintenance and certification for the allocation of Class A Gold property. Said in two words: it is the window of the future, as it combines the characteristics of the wood and aluminum with the requirements of energy saving increasingly felt by a large part of the population.
Also to underline the care given to the realization of the design, making the frame a real item of furniture. The inner part of the frame is made with laminated pine coated with laminates or precomposed of high quality.
The outer part is made of aluminum coupled to the woods by clips. The glass is glued to the wooden frame with the use of special adhesives, method, also termed "structural bonding" , as it makes the window stable and resilient to each solicitation allowing the realization of very large and bright openings.

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